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"Brad has been writing what feelings sound like ever since he knew what sound could make him feel".


Ex London based, now Brighton based, graduate of the 'BRIT ACADEMY OF NEW MUSIC' and former employee then client of the great 'The Dairy Studios' Brixton, Brad has learnt what it takes to swim and SYNC in the music industry and is becoming best known for his Songwriting, Lyrics and Pop-lining. 


Having mixed with (and this includes playing table tennis until 3am) some of todays (and yesterdays) Top Hit Makers such as Basement Jaxx, Disclosure, Jessey Ware, Brad is now using up his tricks and inspiration as freelance writer for EMI Music / Sony ATV, BMG, Warner Chappell and West One Music. His music is now being featured internationally with clients such as Columbia Pictures, SKY, DISCOVERY, ITV, Hollyoaks, Big Brother and more. 


Brad is ever eager to get involved in new and exciting musical ventures. 

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